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SavingFood is a two years CAPS project funded by H2020, that offers a socially responsible solution to fight food waste. In the newsletters you will find information about our mission and possible opportunities to get involved in our project. You will also find useful information about our online tool to measure the surplus wasted food and its impact, as well as, our future activities for developing our platform.

Our mission

The SavingFood project offers a unique solution to tackle the challenge of food waste by developing a dedicated online community that will facilitate the redistribution of surplus food to those people and organisations in need. This will be achieved through the development and testing of a collective awareness platform that will leverage on the collaborative power of ICT networks in order to raise awareness, drive behaviour change and encourage citizens and stakeholders to be part of the suggested food waste solution.

The SavingFood platform and overall project’s interventions will be tested in Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Food waste calculator

Are you in the food business? Do you want to know what is the cost of the food you waste? SavingFood has developed a self-assessment tool for businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries etc. to help them understand how food waste activities affect both the environmental and financial situation. Our tool is for free and it is able to estimate what food wastage currently costs in terms of lost revenue and waste management expenses.

Food waste calculator

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Future activities 

The SavingFood team is currently working to prepare the ground for the pilot implementation of the project in Greece, Hungary, UK and Belgium. Our technical developers will deliver in October a first version of the SavingFood platform that will enable us to implement a first testing with real users. The full operation of the platform will start in March 2017 and will be accompanied with several public events and celebrations around food waste. In that way, you will all have the opportunity to join the SavingFood revolution and be part of the food waste solution!

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